Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Earth Week

Earth Week

On Earth Day, Our Lady of Lourdes went crazy on trees. Facts, movies, a presentation, plants and more! Our whole school got a chance to learn all about trees and how to take care of them. Who knew that the world’s oldest tree was 4 600 years old?! Or that one tree can process at least enough oxygen to serve 4 people in one day! Trees are amazing!

We watched The Lorax and we’ve seen a big improvement in O.L.O.L. ‘s Tree behaviour! The older kids watched The Man Who Planted Trees, a short clip that taught them about our earth’s trees.

The morning before, each class got a chance to do a tree trivia test. That was fun and a good way to learn about trees. We asked about 10 questions that were short but complicated. At 12:30 all of O.L.O.L.’s students came to see a presentation that gave facts about trees. 2 of our Eco friends, Sydney and Sofia, gave the answers to our “Tree Trivia”. We picked the classes with the most correct answers and they won a prize. They won a plant and they have to water them and give them sun. Then a class put on a show actually more like a concert about trees. They made a short rap about The Lorax and saving trees. It was amusing and we learned a lot! A while later, Ms. McCarthy’s class sang a song about the three R’s. To see what they learned, we asked a few questions. We asked about 2 each grade and we couldn’t believe how they learned!

For O.L.O.L., Earth Day 2012 was a huge success! Next Year may be even better!

By; Alessia Panzine
Grade 4 OLOL

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Energy Audit

Hi we are Raymond and Chelsea from the O.L.O.L. Eco team. Recently we did an energy audit and our results were that 66% of the school had their lights off (Level 3), 66% monitors were off (Level 3), 80% of perphals were off (Level 4), and 90% of the vents were clear (Level 4). Compared to our last audit these results are a huge improvement in our school. We have been educating the other students so they can do better ever since the last audit and it has paid off. We are very proud of our achievement!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweater Day

On December 23 the ECO Club had their first Sweater Day. The point of Sweater Day was to turn down the heat to save energy and slow down global warming. The whole point of the teacher fashion show was to send a message to the students to wear a sweater when it gets cold. We had a contest for the teachers to pick the student with the best sweater and they all got a candy cane as a prize. There was a winner in each class.

We want to save the energy at our school. We put posters so everyone knew when Sweater Day was and how cold it was going to be. The temperature was not as low as usual. Pretty much everyone was wearing a sweater! Sweater Day was a success! Many teachers were wearing a sweater to help out as well.  
By: Kyra, Chelsea and Recshana

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sweater Day

       O.L.O.L is having our first ever Sweater Day!
Sweater day is when we turn down the heat to save energy. We are lowering the temperature by 3 degrees Celsius on December 23rd 2011. We will also be having a contest for the students in each class. They will decide who has the ugliest, coziest or most :"Christmasy" sweater. For the teachers, we will be having a fashion show and may the best sweater win! Remember to wear your sweater!
By Alessia and Sofia, O.L.O.L.’s ECO club.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Energy Audit

O.L.O.L eco team is here to tell that we did poorly on our energy audit. Our results were: only 36% of lights were turned off when not needed, only 34% of our computer monitors were turn off when not needed, only 43% of our  printers, scanners and other electronic equipment were turned off when not in use and only 50% of vents were not blocked by curtains or anything else. We are only meeting level 1 and level 2 expectations. So our school needs to improve on using less energy.

Here are some tips you can use to save energy:

 ·    Make sure you turn off your monitors and computers when not in use for a long time.
 ·    Instead of using lights on a sunny day, open your blinds for sunlight.
 ·    Instead of using the elevator when you don’t need it, take the stairs to get where you’re going.
 ·    Turn off your printers when you don’t need it.

If you follow these tips we will be the most ECO friendly school in Toronto!

Raymond M., Alessia P. and Matthew O.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking for Representatives

We'd like each class in the school to nominate 2 representatives to be a part of the school's Eco-team. Representatives will attend meetings every other week and report back to the class about what's happening with the Lourdes Eco Team.